Octopus Art Box
Octopus Art Box
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Octopus Art Box

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Our signature Art Subscription Box  ( aka OctoBox ) is playfully curated, drawing inspiration from the Giant Pacific Octopus. Thank you for the popular Netflix documentary. The Art box is all about playing with the materials and be curious with the process of art making.
The theme of the art project will revolve around the beauty of Canada’s diverse natural environments. In conceptualizing each project, our educational goals are twofold: eco-awareness and discovery of living working artists.
We’ve designed our Art Subscription Box to support both schools, home learners, team building and personal creative learning by initiating meaningful dialogue.
Each box offers unique activities and ideas to explore with creative minds of different ages and levels. We hope that the process of art making will foster connection and collaboration ideas within your own and your community.

Through a quarterly subscription, you’ll receive a new Octopus art box every three months. Each box is filled with
  • one surprise educational art project with two supplementary extension ideas
  • 6-8 items of high quality art supplies
  • one digital live lesson with a professional artist
  • free art club meet other subscribed art member
  • Exclusive art education resources 
  • Special free art events or samples
The box and curated resources are comprised of a total retail value of
Up to $150. 
Quarterly Subscription
Your Art Subscription box will ship for a total of four boxes each year. Designated shipping months: February, May, August, and November.

$89 per box Art Subscription, plus taxes. Shipping is included.
Billed quarterly, every 3 months. Billing is issued every 90 days and will be automatically processed through your chosen payment method. 

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